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    Streamline javascript translation by improving translationRunner (#2808) · cf0b7532
    Koala Yeung authored
    * package.json: Add "build:*" targets
    * Improve react-intl-translations-manager workflow.
      * Added "build:production" to build production bundle.
      * Added "build:development" to build development bundle.
    * Fix json translation files
    * Run `yarn manage:translations` to fix translation files.
    * Fix `pl.json` for syntax error.
    * translationRunner: auto detect existing languages
    * Auto detect existing rfc5646 language tag in *.json filenames
      in `app/javascript/mastodon/locale` folder. No need to manually
      define every new language in the languages array here.
    * translationRunner: add more functionality
    * Allow script user to specify language code to check.
    * Added available language check.
    * Added --force flag to force creation of unexists language.
    * Added --help flag and help messages.
    * gitignore: ignore npm-debug.log
    * Fix webpack error if NODE_ENV is not defined
    Default to use 'development' in config/webpack/configuration.js
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