Commit 2b2b03a7 authored by ThibG's avatar ThibG Committed by Eugen Rochko

Fix duplicate HTML ids in /about (#11803)

Fixes #11329
parent 031ca250
= simple_form_for(new_user, url: user_session_path) do |f|
= simple_form_for(new_user, url: user_session_path, namespace: 'login') do |f|
- if use_seamless_external_login?
= f.input :email, placeholder: t('simple_form.labels.defaults.username_or_email'), input_html: { 'aria-label' => t('simple_form.labels.defaults.username_or_email') }, hint: false
= simple_form_for(new_user, url: user_registration_path) do |f|
= simple_form_for(new_user, url: user_registration_path, namespace: 'registration') do |f|
%p.lead= t('about.federation_hint_html', instance: content_tag(:strong, site_hostname))
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