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    Fix old migrations failing because of strong_migrations update (#12692) · 1155dc08
    ThibG authored
    Fixes #12690
    The `strong_migrations` update from ba2eac88
    introduced a check for `change_column_null` specific to Postgres. This rejects
    old migrations.
    This commit just wraps old migrations with `safety_assured` to bypass this
    check. Alternatives would have been to:
    - Disable that check entirely (a possibility added in that same
      `strong_migrations` version) for Mastodon, but it makes sense to write new
      migrations without such a strong lock.
    - Rewrite the old migrations to do it in a way that do not require an exclusive
      lock. I thought fixing those old migrations for performance wasn't worth the
      pain. Also, if I understand correctly, the next version of
      `strong_migrations` is going to include a helper to do that. We could update
      those migrations at that point.
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